"I have been booking cruises with Cruises'N-More for a decade or more now, and have always been satisfied with their prices, service and professionalism - but I have never been moved to write a review until this week, when I received really exceptional customer service that I felt went above and beyond even the usual. I just booked a cruise through Cruises n' More with MSC. This will be my first time sailing with MSC, and I was a little nervous because their reviews (MSC's, not Cruises N' More's) are less than stellar. But it was a great itinerary and Cruise N' More was offering a terrific price, so I decided to go for it. When I first called, I spoke with Orlando, who advised me about MSC's loyalty program status match program which saved me an additional 5% on my fare and gave me some additional nice perks - thank you Orlando for sharing that valuable tip! Orlando was not in the office when I called back the next day, but Kenny went above and beyond to help me book the cruise and find the cabin I wanted, calling MSC three times, and always getting right back to me. He was truly delightful all the way through the process. Many thanks to Cruises N' More for another great experience."
  • Lucy P.
"I just want to say how amazing your travel consultant Orlando is. I have never been treated so well. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone. He went above and beyond. He created the most amazing cruise for my family. 5 star service. Thank you"
  • Joseph G.
"I just wanted to let you know that I have had a very positive experience with Cruises-N-More and especially with your agent, Steven. I was very nervous about booking with an agency that was not local and was internet-based. However, Steven was very personable on the phone. He told me about his experience on a similar cruise ship. He was also punctual about sending information about my cruise and quickly responded by e-mail when I had additional requests a month later. A common complaint I read about the company is that the agents were not responsive once you had booked the cruise. I was glad to see I did not have this issue with Steve. I have recommended Cruises-N-More to other cruisers and have also given them Steven's name. I just wanted to let you know what an awesome employee you have in Steven! Thanks."
  • Jill E.
"I have bought many cruise packages over the last 10 years. From the price quote to the delivery of every OBC and dinner certificate once on board, my experience with Cruises-N-More was exactly what I look for in an online agent. After receiving a quote my call were either answered or returned promptly and everything went very smoothly. My experience with Cruises-N-More was as good as it gets and I won't hesitate to use them again."
  • Theodore W.
"Hello, I just phoned Cruises-n-More and was provided your email address as I was told that you were Kenny's supervisor. I just wanted to let you now that my usual booking agent, Max Robinson, was out of the office today, but Kenny answered Max's extension when I phoned Cruises-n-More. Even though I shared with Kenny that I could just wait until tomorrow and phone back when Max would likely be in the office, Kenny stated that he would be happy to help me if I wanted him to do so. I shared with him what I needed, and Kenny did an AMAZING job and quickly and correctly dealt with the issue which I had phoned about. I wanted you to know that the customer service which Kenny provided was "exceptional" --- even if he had been my usual booking agent! Because he was assisting someone (me) who was not his own client, but a client who was working with Max, I was even MORE impressed with Kenny's willing spirit AND his efficient handling of my issue! I just wanted you to know, as a supervisor, that Kenny did a fantastic job in providing me outstanding "customer service". His "performance" was exceptional, and I hope that you will let him know how much I appreciated his willingness to assist, as well as his effective "customer service" regarding two different bookings I had already made via Max. Thank you so much for providing booking agents which are so helpful and efficient."
  • Ron G.
"Everything delivered as promised. Excellent response to e-mails and phone calls. I would use Cruises-N-More for all my cruises in the future."
  • Richard D.
"Excellent service, very attentive to what I was looking for and got it. Trey, the agent was very professional and took care of business. Would recommend Trey and Cruises n More to everyone. Great pricing, even beat the cruise line themselves"
  • Michael A.
"Dear Debbie, I would like to thank you for your prompt help in resolving my query on both our cabins. Please pass my thanks and feedback on to your manager. It really is great to receive not only prompt and fabulous service but also from a consultant who sounds like you really wanted to help and took an interest in our holiday booking with your company. Hope you have a great day. Kind regards."
  • Paul
"Just wanted to thank you again, Jackie. You did an amazing job for me, and I am very appreciative. You are in the right biz, for sure. You have a great sense of people, and a good sense of humor too! Thanks a lot, will be talking again."
  • Kathy
"Good day, this email is regarding the exceptional customer service received from Jackie. On January 31st I contacted Cruises-n-more to get a cruise quote, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jackie. I received the quote and immediately decided to book 4 cabins. Though it was late Jackie stayed after hours to make sure she received all the information to hold the cabins as Carnival had a Cruise sale that was set to end. Jackie keep saying "I work for you" , "I'm here for you" which I found to put me at ease as a customer knowing that the representative was genuine. Though I've had changes made to a reservation Jackie was pleased to accommodate, I have since added another cabin and I was told that Jackie was pleasant to them also. I will recommend cruises-n-more most notability Jackie as the representative for all future travel needs. Best,"
  • N. Dawson
"I am in the process of booking a cruise with Kevin. Kevin is prompt to respond, knowledgeable in his responses, polite, and a pleasure to deal with. In July, my wife and I will be taking our children and grandchildren on a cruise to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and, once we decide where we will be going, will be calling Kevin to arrange it for us. Sincerely,"
  • Gene F.
"Outstanding helpful service. Thank you helping ot make our vacation planning easy!"
  • Michael C.
"Excellent service by KEVIN ! We have booked several cruises thru Kevin and he has always goes above and beyond with great customer service. His responses are always quick and answers my questions in a speedy and courteous manner. Kevin is always friendly, knowledgeable and an asset to CNM."
  • Guy & Pat C.
"I have been a client of Cruises-n-more for many years. Debbie has been wonderful in planning my cruises. My past cruise was handled by Steven, a difficult cruise because we had to cancel due to illness. Unfortunately, we did not purchase insurance, a lesson learned. Steven stepped up to our situation, suggested I contact guest relations, etc. I followed thru his suggestion to a positive result. During this time Steven was courteous, efficient, and understanding. Both he and Debbie are a credit to your company. We will certainly cruise in the near future, and I will be calling Steven to facilitate the credit due and plan our trip once again. Yours truly,"
  • Joan and Larry T.
"I have been using Cruises-n-more since 2000. We took a cruise about every other year while we were working and now are taking two cruises per year in retirement. I have never had a problem. Used Tiffany as my agent. She has always gone out of her way to help me find a cruise that meets my needs at a very competitive price I would recommend Cruises-N More to anyone."
  • Tom P.
"I've been a Cruises-N-More customer for several years. I always receive excellent pricing (with additional perks/amenities), personalized service and knowledgeable agents. My primary contacts are Debbie and Max; and both are professional, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. They are always my "go to" agents when booking a cruise. There are so many options available to travelers when booking a cruise, but I always get the best deals with personalized service when booking with Cruises-N-More. Customer for life..."
  • Renee B.
"Best cruise agency I have used. We have taken over 20 cruises."
  • Joseph L.
"I would like to take a minute to tell you how wonderful my experience has been with Cruises-N-More. Over the past few years I have booked numerous cruises with this company. I have always found them to be knowledgeable, easy to deal with and professional. I have recommended them to friends and family, and they never disappoint. As an avid cruiser, I I will be booking with them for years to come."
  • Cynthia F.
"Since 2008 we have used Cruises-N-More to book a wide variety of cruises. Over the years we have found them to be consistently less expensive than competing alternatives while providing high quality service. Kevin and his associates are knowledgeable and very responsive. We have recommended Kevin and Cruises-N-More to friends and family who have, without exception, been very satisfied with the service level and travel value."
  • Pete P.
"I have used cruises-n-more more than 15 times. Each time I have had a very good out come. I always use Debbie F and she takes care of every last deal that we need for our cruise - down to linking all of our family cabins together. Once we had to cancel a cruise because of a medical problem and she took care of cancelling with cruise line and told me what to send to the Trip Insurance Company. I would highly recommend Cruises-n-more to everyone."
  • Betty B.
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